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Guache Poster Experiements Treasure Love.
Guache Painting 18"x24" New Home Surprise Kittens
Pottery Fun! Hand built and painted KitenChops tumblers.
Guache Painting 18"x24" Together Forever Fun Flavor Love!
Guache Painting 18"x24" Sofutu Kurima (soft serve ice cream) xoxoxo.
Gouache Painting 8"x10" Strawberry Cat in a Hat.
Gouache Poster Catching a Wish Come True Star during a lotus pond swim
Pottery Sculpture Triple teared Blessings!
Happy Mothers' Day! Mama and Baby Spring.
Pottery Sculptures Jawbreakers
In the (k)now :) I am happy in my heart!
Pottery Fun Hand built and painted KitenChops tea set.
Pottery Experiments Hand built and painted pottery wall piece.
Gouache Painting 18"x24" Good Morning Windy Sunny!
KittenChops Silk Dolls One PoucherMama(tm) and her PoucherBaby(tm).
Gouache Painting 24"x18". The Proposal
Gouache Painting 18"x24" Garden Happies!