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From Santa Clara, CA
20 Sep 10

I love your work! First seen it on the Theo chocolate bars... to be honest, it wasn't even the yummy crazy flavor- coconut curry chocolate- that appealed to me... it was YOUR packaging!!!! Your portfolio... love it all!!
From currently, Wenatchee, WA
21 Sep 10

Good for you--following your heart! And it shows in your bright, happy creations. I'm partial to cats and also have two at home-love your whimsical illustrations of them. Great energy, great art !
From Huntsville, AL
05 Aug 10

Recently visited Seattle and found your work on Theo chocolate bars! We visited Theo and they told us your story. Very unique work with beautiful colors! Love it!
From Seattle
17 Jul 10

Beautiful colors and playful designs--

Thanks for giving your time on a weekly basis to help out the kitties Zaara!
From Saratoga, CA
22 Apr 10

Hi Zaara! I know Arianne. I had to peruse your folio after seeing your bright and cheery collage squidies! Do you sell your prints anywhere? Would love to get my paws on a print for my kiddo. Love your work!
From Trinidad, W.I.
25 Mar 10

Gorgeous artwork. You are truly a visionary and have a very unique style. I would definitely love for you to design my logo and other stationery.
From Ketchikan, Alaska
06 Mar 10

We sell theo chocolate here in our bookstore Parnassus Books. Lovely illustrations, lovely chocolates.
From Bainbridge Island
31 Dec 09

Hey you!! Nice site.

Miss you! It's been too long! Let's catch up!