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and how very talented you are. I\'m always looking forward for your next wonderful whimsical creations."
31 Dec 69

From Seattle
10 Jun 11

I really enjoy your graphic design and the use of color. Keep up the great work!
From Chicago/Naperville
16 May 11

I just bought some Theo Chocolate Fantasy Bars because the packaging was too cute. Of course, the chocolate was amazing as well and I will be a definite repeat customer. After some searching I found that you designed the packaging, so I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your artwork. I think I'm going to save the wrappers for some decoupage projects!
Darryl Collins
From Seattle
14 Mar 11


I enjoy looking at your site. Makes me smile.

Be good

From Seattle, WA
04 Jan 11

It's all so happy and loveable! No wonder companies love your work. Who wouldn't want their customers to feel happy and loved?! You should think about designing pajamas, so people can feel happy and loveable while they drift off to sleep, and have sweet dreams.
From Brooklyn
27 Dec 10

My sister from Seattle sent Theo Chocolate this year, YUM! loved the packaging so much, had to see who designed it.

Love your work, and theirs! Cheers.
22 Oct 10

Just saw your work at Children's Hospital - beautiful! Looked through your portfolio. Love everything you've done!
From New York
30 Sep 10

I just found your work through Theo chocolate bars [picked out the bread & chocolate flavor solely based on the cute kitties] and just wanted to pass on that it brightened my day, as well as turned me on to some mighty tasty chocolate. Thanks!