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18 Feb 15

Tried my first Theo bar and had to look you up because the graphics were so unique and refreshing!
From Columbia, SC
03 Jan 15


I saw your work in HOW. Love how you mix the hand with digital. I teach design at USC (the other USC) and will share your site with my students. Best wishes on your continued success.

From Overland Park Kansas
07 Dec 14

Thanks for inspiring me. I love your work!
From San Diego
15 Aug 14

Hi...I met you in Seattle at Blythecon a few weeks back..You bought a few cute Blythe outfits from me..kitty and deer things..remember me?..I just wanted to say I really enjoyed meeting you, you are very shows right thru your lovely art and designs!!..I am sending a link to my Etsy shop..I hope it works?.. hope you will come say Hello there..I feel we both love similar cuteness, ..perhaps we may do something creative together?..I'd like that..I have way too many ideas and not enough outlets for them..who knows? are my kind of friendly happy creative person!!..come visit and say Hello when you have the time!!!..Stay well and Happy!!..xoxoxox...Marie
From Guelph, Ontario, Canada
02 Dec 14

Good morning,

Iris Juan shared your website with me today because I was delighted by your "kittenchops" name. I love the heart centered ethos of your work.

Look forward to meeting you someday.

From Fayetteville, AR
04 Dec 14

Bea-u-ti-ful work.

A wonderful mix of whimsy and structure.
From Houston
12 Aug 14

I love your work! Keep it up! It's very unique and fresh.
From Portland, OR
26 May 14


I was recently at Theo chocolate with my boyfriend. We are chocoholics and we had such a delightful time visiting the factory. Chocolate tasting and tour aside, my favourite part of the experience was being in the shop and asking who does these magnificent designs?! The woman pointed to you, standing near a display with your sketchbook, and said that you did all the design work! It was inspirational to me, an illustrator, to see the very creative work in progress as it was happening! Keep creating marvellous work- the wonderful lion on the coffee cream bar is my favourite, along with his twin brother on the vanilla cocoa nib bar.


Nina (NinaNoot- Purveyor of Cute)